Code of Conduct

BUSHiDO, the way of the warrior, is the moral code of the samurai concerning attitudes, integral behaviour and lifestyle. With great respect and pride we draw inspiration from this way to empower creatives with tools to be warriors in the digital and physical worlds. 

Our code reflects our evolving ethos and culture created by our Founders (artists themselves) who inspired an elite team to build a platform that pays creatives maximum value for their time & work. 

We commit to holding ourselves accountable to: 


Honouring your Creativity 

Creating art is a beautiful process but rarely rewarded with a profit as distributors of content are still taking the lion's share. Our mission is to build artist friendly tools that give creatives full control of their work. 


An Ecosystem of Integrity

Supporting an ecosystem of real fans - that means no bots or fake accounts. The result is creatives can focus on building deeper connections with genuine supporters producing more profit.


Respecting Art & Creatives

Some creations take hours while others take decades. The time and resources dedicated to creating music, video, masterclasses and beyond can be a Herculean effort that involves teams, songwriters, producers and others who are often under-recognised.

BUSHiDO Secure links prevent work from being stolen and illegally used.

Our rights approval system gives creatives the proper process to get clearance for monetising copyright work.

The result is more money for artists.

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