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Invest in Bushido

In order for bushido to thrive, having as many artists invest as possible involved will only allow us to stay pure to our mission. We, like Substack, are doing a Community Round because the evolution of BUSHiDO changes for the better if the very artists who are building their businesses on it are owners too. It not only allows us to give back to the community who instilled their trust in us while also representing an opportunity for the artists who use bushido to participate in the benefits that come from building this network—including the financial upside.

As bushido grows to accommodate more artists, labels, distributors, podcasters, videomakers, musicians, scientists, and culture makers of all kinds, we see a path to hundreds of millions of subscriptions and a significant cultural impact.

bushido is being used by all types of creatives beyond underground electronic music, expanded into mainstream music and beyond into any craft: tattoo artists, painters and yogis. Anyone from anywhere with any creative profession can benefit.

If you've been been part of any underground movement, love the arts, activism and see the potential to scale our operation, we invite you to be a part of bushido and welcome your support. 

We’re delighted that GOLDCAP, MOSE, Ida Engberg are leading our community round, joined by Founding Partner Thomas Ermacora, Chris Spano along with a number of inspiring angels. We are looking forward to hundreds of other creatives to invest alongside this respected group. 

We are excited about our ambitious mission that is overflowing with gravitas through our activism initiative that requires all creatives give back to causes that make the world a better place.

If you are interested in supporting the future of creativity, we’d love to have you join us in building this new ecosystem for anyone to honour their work.